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Our Projects 

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Asphalt and Molten Sulfur to and from China, Japan, and South Korea 

2010 to 2017

We provided consultation, and handled importation & exportation of Specialty Petroleum Products focused in asphalt and molten sulfur for Petrolux Ltd. who had supply contracts with Oil Majors in Japan, China, and USA.  

​Donation of 800 Sleeping Bag to Mr. Ken Noguchi's Sleeping Bag Assistance Project for 3/11 Earthquake in Japan

March 2011

Request was made by Mr. Ken Noguchi's brother, Tetsuya Noguchi for assistance to produce and deliver 800 sleeping bags to Japan for survivors of "Great East Japan Earthquake" which actually arrived Iwate and Miyagi areas on April 2, 2011.  The sleeping bags were produced in Ningbo, China and was delivered by Japan by ANA. 

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Acquisition of Japan Patent No. 6493613

March 23, 2019

​Hand and finger cleaning device patent is approved by Japan Patent Office.   

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​Acquisition of Japan Patent No. 6493600

March 23, 2019

Patent on mixing container device with spray was approved.

Acquisition of Japan Patent No. 6717513

June 15, 2020

Patent of Individual package opening aid, mixture container, and individual package was approved on June 15, 2019.  

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Production of Level 2 Surgical Masks in Hong Kong

June 2020

Star Products Company Limited was the first to supply ASTM Level 2 grade surgical masks for adults, kids, and pre-schoolers all made in Hong Kong.

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Donation of Ten Thousand Level 1 Surgical Masks to Kanagawa Prefecture in May 2020.  

Augut 13, 2020

Crown Company Limited received official thank you letter from Governor Yuji Kuroiwa of Kanawaga Prefecture.  

Patent Application in United States

April 16, 2020

Crown Company Limited submitted PCT application on Japan Patent No. 6493600

Patent Application in United States

April 29, 2021

Crown Company Limited submitted PCT application on Japan Patent No. 6717513

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Acquisition of China Patent No. 4701936 

​September 24, 2021

The patent is PCT application of Japan Patent 6493600 and was submitted on March 26, 2019 and was approved on September 24, 2021.

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Acquisition of Patent No. 6986797 

December 2, 2021

This patent exhibits a new formula in producing hyprochlorous acid water, an extremely effective disinfectants, for deactivating bad bacteria and viruses.   

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