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Business is always challenging; We are here to lighten the load off your shoulders. We are an honest, reliable and positive professional whose first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. Since 2010, we have been serving loyal clients in the Japan, United States, and China on 1) specialty petroleum products focused in asphalt, paraffin wax, sulphur, petrochemical feedstocks, polymers, and on 2) marketing and manufacturing of rose water and Hokkaido deer horn reishi, and on 3) patented formula in producing pure hypochlorous acid water, through our sister company, Crown Company Limited, Yokohama, Japan established in 1956.  We hold several international patents focused in mixing technology under Crown Company Limited which we trust can tackle or enhance your Biggest Sustainability Challenges.  

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Our Services

Marketing Strategy Advising and Consultation

Strategic Partnership 

​Business Partnership

E-Shop of

Newborn Gifts, Protective Glass for Leica M series, Maternity Clothes, Surgical Masks, Hokkaido Reishi, Taiwan GaoShan Oolong Tea, and Rose Water.

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Thoughtful Newborn Gifts Branded Products

Whether you are a parent-to-be, a mom dad, aunt or uncle, or a friend looking for the perfect gift, is the destination for smart, trendy shoppers.  Our gift hamper service takes the guesswork out of gifting and gives you the option to curate you own gift box or, in just few easy steps, allow our team of expert sifters to create one for you!


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Looking for Organic Products and Gifts?

We manufacture and/or supply organic products and others that we believe are the best of the best.  

  • The Rose Water by Dr. Shah Tahir Hussain

  • Deer Horn Reishi by Hokkaido Reishi

  • Taiwan GaoShan Ooolong Tea 

  • Leica Protective Glass for M10, SL type 601, MP-240 by Kenneth Zee.

  • Reishi Chocolate and Cookie by Master Rocky Lai, former Agnes B Patissier 


Kashikiona Branded Products

We are constantly seeking for inspiring innovative ideas that creates better lifestyle. 

"Inspiration is Infinite! Inspiration creates Innovation; Innovation creates New Lifestyle; New Lifestyle creates New Inspiration."


   Quoted by Kenneth Zee


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Maternity clothes designed by former designer of Calvin Klein Japan. Clothes are designed and manufactured with Japanese standards. 

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One and only pure Rose water with Original Recipe 

We have adapted the ancient Persian method (evaporation distillation) to produce The Rose Water.  Not only is it labor intensive, it requires 40 kilograms of rose petals to produce only one liter.  We do not use any steam and/or water in the process. or call us at +852-3563-6100 today! 


Our Affiliates

in Hong Kong and Japan

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Thoughtful & Effortless Newborn Gifts


BaoBae offers items from dozens of boutiques and designers ranging from funky clothing for little fashionistas to stroller toys, books and unique personalised items.  You can find something on for newborn babies & include a thoughtful gift for the older siblings and well-deserved mama!

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Providing quality rental homes for foreign communities in YOKOHAMA

ZEE BROTHERS wishes to provide our customers with all the opportunities in selecting the best home during their stay in Yokohama. To meet the various needs for a variety of clientele, ZEE BROTHERS offers a wide range of houses especially designed to suit the needs of the international community. From a petit one bedroom apartment to a spacious 5 bedroom home, we have it all!





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Flat A, 1/F, Por Mee Factory Building, 500 Castle Peak Road,

Hong Kong







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